Amongst the different flavorful dried herbs of our beloved smoking blend, you'll find a nice portion of sifted Damiana leaves (without sticks). Extracts of Damiana leaf are known to enhance mood & libido! The Damiana and Calendula flower petals compliment the minty - rose sweetness of our herbal mixture with an earthly, (more like heavenly) botanical taste and you'll be straight Vibin!

Benefits of herbal smoking had been passed down by every generation to it’s next, and in our opinion, dates all the way back to Moses and the burning bush...
Recreational, medicinal, and spiritual ceremonies have all shaped the fine art of organic smoking.

Contains: Red Rose petals (~16%), Peppermint leaf (~15%), Damiana leaf (~13%), Calendula petals (~10%), Raspberry leaf (~14%), mullein  (~5%), Balm leaf (~15%), Hawthorne leaf & flower (~7%), Passionflower leaf (~5%).
No Tobacco or CBD

"Vibin" Herbal Smoke (1)